New contribution amount proposed by St. Kitts and Nevis’ Citizenship by Investment Unit

According to the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Hon Timothy Harris, the key changes are as follows:

The Sustainable Growth Fund (replacing SIDF) for a single applicant will require a contribution of US$150,000, inclusive of government fees. The contribution for a family of up to four will be US$195,000, following incremental steps vs US$150,000 for a family of 4 under the Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF).

The existing real estate investment option remains at US$400,000, plus US$75,000 in government fees. This investment can still be resold after five years. However, in order to attract luxury resort developments, there is now being proposed another option where real estate offerings that require a US$400,000 investment may attract two applicants at US$200,000 each, plus government fees. However, this can only be resold after seven years.

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Source: Investment Migration Insider

Author: Christian Henrik Nesheim

Prime Minister Harris of Saint Kitts & Nevis earlier this week declared the Saint Kitts & Nevis’ limited time offer of US$150,000 contributions to the Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF) as a means of qualifying for the country’s citizenship by investment program a “largely successful” measure. But as the discount window draws to a close (formally ending March 31st), what’s in the cards for the contribution requirement to the Saint Kitts & Nevis Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF)?

A return to the pre-HRF contribution requirement of US$250,000? That would place it at 2.5x the price of Saint Lucia, Dominica, and Antigua & Barbuda, and US$50,000 above Grenada, making the Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP the most expensive in the Caribbean, at least for those choosing the donation route, which a majority of applicants do.