Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – Entrepreneur Visa

The Saskatchewan province is located at the heart of Canada.  Its Eastern and Western borders are adjacent to the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta, with Montana and North Dakota of the US states in the south.  Saskatchewan is Canada’s fifth-largest province with an area of 651,900 square kilometers.

The population of Saskatchewan is about 1.1 million and more than 60% of the population live in the cities.  The provincial capital is Regina with a population of about 220,000.  The largest city and business center Saskatoon have a population of about 240,000.  The climate is relatively dry and temperature varies greatly between seasons, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in the summer and -25 degrees Celsius in the winter.  The time zone of Saskatchewan is 14 hours behind Hong Kong.  The flight time from Hong Kong to Saskatchewan is about 18 hours.


The main applicant must be over 18 years of age;

  1. No criminal record;
  2. Must pass medical examination;
  3. Must pass the Expression of Interest (EOI) minimum scoring requirements;
  4. The principal applicant must submit a Business Establishment Plan (BEP) for   initial assessment;
  5. The principal applicant must attend an in person or telephone interview with an   SINP officer;
  6. Upon approval of the temporary work permit, the principal applicant must proceed to establish the qualifying business in Saskatchewan in order to receive the SINP nomination;
  7. Minimum requirements for SINP nomination & qualifying business:
    • A minimum family net worth of CAD 500,000;
    • At least three years of entrepreneurial experience within the past 10 years;
    • The principal applicant must own at least 33.33% equity in the   
    • qualifying business;
    • Qualifying Business:
  • A minimum investment of CAD 300,000 in Regina or  
  • Saskatoon;     or a minimum investment of CAD 200,000 in any other region in Saskatchewan;
  • Must actively participate in on-going day-to-day management and direction of the qualifying business;
  • Must create or maintain a minimum of two jobs for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents in Saskatchewan (non-relative workers) if establishing a new business in Saskatoon or Regina.


  • Low investment requirements;
  • Speedy permanent resident status;
  • Can bring along family members in one application, including spouse, unmarried children under the age of 22 or children who had depended on the principal applicant’s financial support because of a mental or physical condition since before the age of 22;
  • Permanent residents of Canada have the right to settle and establish anywhere in Canada;
  • Permanent residents have access to Canada’s superb education, healthcare and social securities;
  • Eventual right to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Canada – Start-up Visa (SUV) Program   

Canada is located in North American and is known as the “land of maple leaves”.  It was listed on the list of retired and livable countries in 2020 by Forbes. Canada consists of ten provinces and three regions.  Ottawa is the capital of Canada.  In 2019, the total population of Canada is 37.31 million, and the Chinese population accounts for 5.1% of the total population. The temperature range is 2 ~ 9 degrees Celsius in Fall and 19 ~ 23 degrees Celsius in the Summer.  The local time in Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead of Ottawa.  The duration from Hong Kong to cities in Canada varies, direct flights usually take around ten to twenty hours. 


  • The main applicant must be 25 years old or above;
  • Full-time college degree or above;
  • No criminal record;
  • CLB 5 or above in English (IELTS listening 5, speaking 5, reading 4, and writing 5 or above respectively);
  • Creating a qualifying business;
  • Obtain a Letter of Support from Designated Organization;
  • Meet the funds requirements.


  • Speedy application;
  • No assets requirement, only the settlement fee is required;
  • No specific investment amount required, multiple entrepreneurs can share the cost;
  • The fastest Canadian immigration program, getting Canadian PR card in about 12 months;
  • Proof of asset origin, proof of income and tax payment certificate are not required; 
  • No residency requirement, you can live anywhere in Canada and enjoy local benefits.

Canada – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Provinces of Canada have European style and coastal scenery, and their residents are mostly fishery and tourism.  Due to the aging population, the labor force is increasingly insufficient.  To address these serious issues, in March 2017, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a two-year Atlantic Immigration Pilot project in the Atlantic Provinces.  The project allows designated employers in these provinces to hire eligible foreign skilled workers. As the project achieved the expected results, the government made the decision to extend it for another 2 years in March 2019.


  • High school or degree, diploma or certificate;
  • Have worked for at least 12 months (1,560 hours) in the last 3 years before the application;
  • Official Canadian language scores within 2 years of application: CLB 4 (About 4 points for IELTS G) or above;
  • Hold a full-time job offer with an employer in the Atlantic Province who is eligible for the program;
  • Proof of funds;
  • No criminal record.


  • Speedy application;
  • Low education and language requirements;
  • Low work experience and professional level requirements;
  • The main applicant can start working immediately after landing;
  • After landing, the whole family immediately enjoys the same education and medical benefits as the nationals, and quickly integrates into the local life;
  • The whole family can directly obtain Canadian permanent resident status after landing (no need to go through the working visa stage, zero risk);
  • No high asset requirements, just enough funds to live locally;
  • Can bring along with family members in one application, including spouse, unmarried children under the age of 22 or children who had depended on the principal applicant’s financial support because of a mental or physical condition before the age of 22.