Golden Visa Program

Greece, whose official name is the Greek Republic, is one of the origins of the Mediterranean civilization and the cradle of the Western civilization.  The population of Greece is approximately 11 million and its capital city is Athens.  The temperature range is 6 – 13 degrees Celsius in Fall and 23 – 33 degrees Celsius in the Summer. 

The time zone of Greece is 6 hours behind Hong Kong and the flight time from Hong Kong to Athens is around 15 hours.  The Greek education system is similar to the American system and schools are divided into public and private schools, tuition fees in private schools are approximately 1/3 of the fees in countries such as Britain and the United States.  

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, Greece’s investment in the medical system sector accounts for 9.8% of its GDP.  With superb medical technology and high-end medical equipment, Greece’s sound medical system ranks 14th in the global ranking.


  • Investment in property with a minimum value of Euros 250,000;
  • No criminal record.


  • Speedy application;
  • Low investment requirement;
  • Unlimited perpetual extension of the residence permit;
  • No physical residence requirement in Greece;
  • Can include extensive family members as dependents: spouse; children under 18 years of age or unmarried children up to 24 years of age who are financially dependent on their parents; parent(s) of the main applicant and spouse who are financially dependent on the main applicant;
  • Applicant and dependents can live, work and study in Greece;
  • Dual citizenship is allowed;
  • Visa free travel to all Schengen member states;
  • Once Greece citizenship status is granted, the Greek passport holder can enjoy the freedom of movement and establishment within the European Union and are entitled to the same rights and benefits in all EU states as a local citizen (education, employment, medical benefits, social security, etc.);
  • Greece passport holders enjoy 184 countries visa free travel worldwide.