Golden Visa Program (will suspend)

Portugal is an associate member of the European Union and NATO.  It lies along the coast of Iberian Peninsula in South-Western Europe and shares borders with Spain in the east and north sides; with the Atlantic Ocean dominating the coastline in the west and south sides.  Portugal enjoys a temperate maritime climate with hot summers and wet winters, affected by the Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean influences.

Portugal has a well-developed medical system with a high standard where free medication and service are provided by public hospitals with a relatively short queue time.  Private hospitals are also available and charges a reasonable fee.

Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world.  With the Portugal Golden Residence Permit, one can travel to other European and Schengen member countries freely. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon and the population is approximately 10.63 million. The climate range is 8-14 degrees Celsius in Spring and 17-28 degrees Celsius in Fall.  The time zone of Portugal is 7 hours behind Hong Kong and drives on the right side of the road.  The flight time from Hong Kong to Lisbon is around 19 hours with one stop-over.

The Program offers four investment options for potential investors:

  1. Capital transfer of a minimum of EUROS 1.5 million into a Portuguese bank account or specifically approved investment options;
  2. Acquisition of property of EUROS 350,000 or above – Only in the Azores, Madeira, or in the interior of Portugal (including the Algarve and Alentejo) ;
  3. Acquisition of property of EUROS 500,000 or above – If the applicant wants to continue in such as Lisbon, Porto and other regions to purchase real estate with a value of not less than 500,000 euros, and the type of real estate is limited to non-residential real estate (including commercial real estate, tourism apartments, service real estate);
  4. The transfer of capital from abroad to Portugal for creating a company that creates a minimum of 5 jobs or to increase capital in a existing company with the creation or maintenance of a minimum 5 jobs – the minimum threshold is 500k EUROS.


  • Speedy application;
  • Low investment requirement;
  • Low physical presence requirement;
  • Can include extensive family members as dependents: spouse; children under 18 years of age or unmarried children over 18 years of age who are studying; full-time and financially dependent on parents; parent(s) of the main applicant and spouse who are financially dependent on the main applicant (retirement certificate required); siblings who are financially dependent on the main applicant;
  • Applicant and dependents can live, work and study in Portugal;
  • Dual citizenship is allowed;
  • Visa free travel to all Schengen member states;
  • Once Portugal citizenship status is granted, the applicant and dependent(s) can enjoy the freedom of movement and establishment with the European Union – enjoy the same benefits in all EU states as a local citizen (education, employment, medical benefits, social security, etc.);
  • Portugal passport holders enjoy 165 countries visa free travel worldwide.